Live broadcasting
made social

PlayFi lets a global audience watch and participate live in your events
through an interactive virtual theatre.

Built by performers, for performers

We developed PlayFi to help musicians, entertainers, artists and educators
give their fans the most incredible live experience on the web.

What is PlayFi?

PlayFi is your virtual theatre on the web. Set up your page and your fans can chat, cheer, vote and interact with each other in real time. It's the next best thing to being at the event.

Why PlayFi?

  • Get more viewers

    Your fans watch together in a virtual theatre, where they can chat, cheer and interact directly with the event in real time. Special Facebook integration features encourage your viewers to share your event with their friends and help it go viral.

  • Keep fans watching longer

    Interact with your audience using polling, Q&As and much more so your fans are participating in your event rather than just watching a video. At your event you can use your tablet to interact while you present and see crowd results in real time.

  • Monetise and get real results

    It's easy to sell digital tickets to your events, just choose your price and fans can pay to watch with their credit card or paypal with instant access. And keep the money rolling for on-demand access after your event finishes.

  • Design and brand the experience

    Embed your virtual event directly into your website or Facebookp page, and brand the widget with your own custom graphics and colors. No ads and no third-party clutter!

  • Do it yourself from any browser

    The cloud dashboard lets you set up an event in 60 seconds, view statistics and run your broadcasts. Use your own production teams to film your event or PlayFi can offer premium broadcast crews across Australia.

  • Stream beautiful video to anyone

    We allow you to broadcast up to 1080p video and 320 kb/s audio and we make sure your footage is accessible on any device, including Apple mobile devices, android and all major browsers.

There are heaps more features in the bag, all designed to make your webcasts an experience to remember.

You can check them all out on a free trial.

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