The web is now your stage.

Whether you're talking, performing or educating to one or one thousand,
PlayFi is the virtual stage that puts you and your audience in the same room.

PlayFi is the interactive, virtual theatre that bridges the gap between audience and performer.

It’s about making your audience participants rather than observers. As a broadcaster, you are provided with an intuitive web platform that allows you to customise your PlayFi theatre, set up ticketing and invite people. From there it is just a matter of setting up your camera and broadcasting to your audience.

How PlayFi is transforming your live stream experience

  • Your theatre has infinite seating

    PlayFi is not confined by physical seats, meaning you can fit hundreds of thousands of viewers at once. By utilising social media, your audience can keep growing.

  • Break the fourth wall

    LIVEBITES are interactive popups you can send to your viewers screens in real time, like a poll, or a sign up form. Use your tablet to send them out and see your audience respond!

  • Put some cash in the bank

    PlayFi makes selling digital tickets to your event, simple and profitable. Fans can pay to watch using credit card or Paypal and you get to reap the rewards.

  • Make it your own

    How your theatre looks is entirely up to you. Change colours, add artwork and embed the entire experience into your Facebook page or website at the click of a few buttons.

  • Visualise your audience

    You can project your audience members onto a screen at your event making it easier to interact with them. What’s better is your fans can see they’re being seen!

  • High-def all the way

    PlayFi allows you to broadcast up to 1080p video and 320kb/s audio; none of that grainy footage up in here. We also make sure that you look great on desktop, Apple and Android devices.

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If you’re intrigued, try it out for free

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